In 2020, The Salvation Army undertook a review of the leadership structure in place at several of its social services units in the Halton, Hamilton and Brantford regions. The review was done in order to ensure that the Salvation Army would provide:

· Consistent, capable leadership for each unit
· Ensure that best practices are implemented
· Improve relations with stakeholders/funders
· Increase knowledge sharing

The conclusion of this review led to a new administrative structure now formerly known as HHB Housing and Support Services. A new Executive Leadership team was created to provide strategic and administrative support to the existing, onsite management teams at the four locations.

Strategic Goals

Goals emerging from the new administrative structure include:

1. Building an enhanced understanding and knowledge of each ministry unit/program.
2. Creating a forum for problem solving.
3. Making strategic use of our assets and strengths amongst our teams, staff, volunteers, clients, partners, etc.
4. Identifying and acting on strategic opportunities as they arise, (generates ideas and acts on innovative solutions) a team that is willing and open to think strategically.
5. Fostering growth within our Ministry Units – both spiritual growth and growth in terms of the number of people involved or engaged in our mission/programs.
6. Supporting the unfolding of the strategic plan for Housing and Support Services.