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WrapAround is a life-planning process that puts the person in charge. It wraps community around them, builds on their strengths and offers hope for a better life when life circumstances seem to be driving out all hope.

How does it work?

  • A person or family is identified that meets the eligible criteria for the WrapAround process. Candidates are typically dealing with multiple, complex and persistent problems that have not been addressed or resolved by other services and supports in their communities.
  • The person or family voluntarily agrees to begin the team-based WrapAround process.
  • A WrapAround facilitator commences the process by identifying the person’s key strengths, hopes, needs and primary goals. The facilitator also helps the person or family select their WrapAround team that will meet regularly to offer support.
  • The team meets to brainstorm strategies or options that build on the strengths of the person or family. The facilitator helps develop an action plan that is reviewed and revised at subsequent meetings. Teams typically meet bi-weekly to monthly, depending on need.
  • Successes are tracked and celebrated! Team meetings will discontinue as problems are resolved and managed, however team members are encouraged to actively support and foster relationship following the completion of the WrapAround process.

How do I get involved?

  • Get trained as a WrapAround facilitator. Certification involves 24 hours of in-class training and a field component. Training times are flexible to the needs of volunteers. Vulnerable sector screen (police check) is required.
  • Participate on a team with a facilitator in your community. Team members can provide support as drivers, mentors, community connectors, field experts and in many other capacities.

What’s the commitment?

Days, evenings, weekends, 1 to 3 hours a week, depending upon availability and needs of person/family matched with or opportunities available.

For more information, contact Jon Miedema, our in-house WrapAround coach and Director of Spiritual Care [email protected]

WA business card